Czech Streets Password

czech streets password

czech streets password

How was your summer? My slumber party ended abruptly with an e-mail from a guy who wanted to wager that I will never convince anyone famous to have sex with me. He said he knows a young Slovak actress, hosting in one of Prague’s theaters… And that’s what I call a challenge! I met the guy at one of his performances and we shook hands on the whole deal. Although I knew it’s a Mission Impossible operation, I decided to track her down with the determination of a bulldog hot. My plan requires a lot of preparation, a detailed plan and a bag full of money. On D, I got into my best clothes, bought a bouquet of flowers and went to see one of his shows. Then I had to wait outside, nervous like a virgin on a first date. When he came out, at last, I introduced myself as her greatest fan and invited her to dinner. He sent me to hell, of course, but then a glimmer of hope appeared when she agreed to meet me for a cup of coffee the next day. The hook sank in. .. His name was Lenka, was born in Slovakia and we had a nice long chat. I almost forgot that I’m mainly there to just fuck hard. On the way to the theater, I had to reveal my cards. And believe it or not, she agreed (for 120.000 Crowns)! And although it cost a lot of cash dreadful, fucking a celebrity right in the street, a few meters away from a famous theater was priceless! I’m telling you, this is a great success. I bet you’ll see on the newsstands tomorrow. So, I’m buying some tabloids and well start downloading, because I bet you will not get away with it easily.

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